Functional medicine – looking for health

“What is functional medicine and how do you figure out what in my history is important?” This was a great question posed by my last patient on Friday as we started to delve back through his 50 year plus case ...
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Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs: On a wet October morning many moons ago, I found myself sitting in a run-down classroom in the basement of the London School of Osteopathy in Whitechapel. I was waiting with anticipation for my first ever osteopathy lecture. ...
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I love a good metaphor and I am going to borrow this one from Diane Lee to introduce my therapy toolbox to you. Your initial consultation is your wardrobe. We will combine your injury history, symptoms, movement assessment and hands-on ...
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Tattoos and muscle inhibition

Tattoos and muscle inhibition While the tattoo business is booming, it seems that many people are unaware of how tattoos can inhibit muscles and cause seemingly unrelated pain. I got my first tattoo aged 16, when the only people who ...
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Toe gripping

Toe gripping Hiding, camouflaged behind their leather casings, there are armies of feet toe gripping for dear life. Slip off your shoes and take a peak. Do you see feet that claw the ground? Maybe a hammer toe or two? ...
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back pain

Walking away from back pain.

An interesting case in clinic yesterday. A lady was suffering with back pain on extension in her yoga practice, she also had a history of a now resolved frozen shoulder on her right. It was a bit of a head scratcher at first, so we went back. Why the frozen shoulder? “I don’t suppose the … Read more

Chronic Pain – A Heavy Burden To Carry

Have you ever tried lifting a heavy suitcase and having to walk…. and walk…. and walk. When it finally feels like your forearms are pumped up like balloons and your arms are 5 inches longer than when you started, you rest it down, destination reached. Imagine the above scenario minus the destination and the ability … Read more

TMJ dysfunction


My first introduction to TMJ dysfunction was many years ago while I was still a dancer. I was seeing a girl at the time, who was renowned for her love of chatting, however one day I popped round only to be greeted by a rather sheepish looking face and an uncharacteristic silence. “My jaw is … Read more

bunions and the big toe

Osteopathy, Bunions and the stiff big toe

The big toe, or Hallux to its friends, is one of my favourite parts of the body. This rather strange looking piece of anatomy, which is bolted onto our extremities and often forgotten about, is in fact a crucial power house when it comes to movement. With every step we take this joint (the metatarsal … Read more

Broken collar bones

Injuries in clinic seem to be like buses.  You do not see one for ages then half a dozen come by at the same time. This week it has been the turn of broken collar bones. Although no one has walked in through the doors saying “my clavicle is in pieces, can you help?” the … Read more

ankle sprain to thoracic outlet syndrome

Ankle sprain to thoracic outlet syndrome

Nearly everyone has turned an ankle at some point in their lives, be it tottering on high  heels, missing the curb after a beer or two or catching a pot hole while out jogging. We hobble around for a few weeks, curse a bit then the memory slips into obscurity – or does it? Surely … Read more

The Movement Lab – It’s Intention

September 2014 sees the first collaboration between myself and Ulric Whyte (yoga teacher extraordinaire) at the Life Center in Islington. Here a conversation on a plane on the way back from San Fransisco becomes real and ‘Movement Lab’ will be born. In preparation for the event, I decided to write down my intention. While every idea should … Read more


Pronation-public enemy number 1?

Anti pronation, zero drop, bare foot….the choice of foot wear available is unlimited, and the flavour of the month changes like a David Beckham haircut. We are told that over pronation is bad and should be avoided by barricading the foot behind layers of foam cushioning, and that if left unsupported, will cause knee pain, … Read more


Scars-the tip of the iceberg

Me: “Have you got any scars or have you had any operations or surgery”Patient: “No, the surgeon’s knife has never touched my unblemished skin”Me: “Positive?”Patient: “110%”If I had a £10 wager on every patient who swore blind that they had no scars I would be retired to my villa overlooking the Caribbean sea by now. … Read more

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