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I have always loved to move. inspired by my Grandfather’s nostalgic stories of cross-country running competitions, I laced up my first pair of running shoes aged 6 and never looked back. I became an insatiable movement omnivore immersing myself in judo, rugby, and powerlifting.

At 19 I discovered dance. I clad the legs of a powerlifter in the tights of a ballet dancer and changed career. My dad worried. I toured the world. I returned home. For seven years I danced in the show Stomp. Summersaulting with dustbin lids strapped to my hands was a normal day at the office. I became injured. I became injured again. My body decided it was time to retire, however, my mind would not give in without a fight.

Why had a 35-year-old body stopped serving? Five years of osteopathic training later I still had more questions than answers. I loved the dynamic philosophy of osteopathy but still felt something was missing.How could I understand how marvellously the body adapted to the stresses of everyday life on a static plinth. On cue stepped two gentlemen who’re knowledge of human movement was second to none. The pieces of the jigsaw were coming together. They taught me how every bone in the human body moved in every plane of motion with every step I took.

They taught me to interpret the story that presents with each and every step we take and to understand the rhythmic conversation between muscles, bones, and joints. This was osteopathy in motion and for the first time, I saw osteopathy, movement, and expression blended as one. So how do I treat? I am always asking why always watching and always learning. I look for health within the system. I believe the body holds all the clues and the body will provide all the answers. It will always choose the strategy that serves it best and does not respect its innate wisdom is to lose a valuable and trusted ally. I have chosen to adopt osteopathic techniques and philosophy, based on a foundation of AiM movement understanding. I value the use of NKT, dry needling, articulation, and manipulation, but above all, I believe that this must then be integrated back into the human movement to enable people to find space within their own skins. The journey in search of space continues. Read my blog here on my core beliefs






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Initial Consultation, Treatment & Bespoke Movement Plan (recommended)2 Hours£90
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2 Hour Follow-up Treatment2 Hours£135
Hypnotherapy 1 Hour£90
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