The Life Centre interviews Daniel Baines

Daniel Baines Osteopathy Dan has a Masters degree in Osteopathy and is an Anatomy in motion and Neurokinetic therapy practitioner and Yoga anatomy teacher. In his spare time he can be found exploring everything dance and movement based. He runs his ‘Daniel Baines Osteopathy’ clinics from Hastings, Eastbourne and the One Aldwych hotel health club … Read more

Healthy carrot muffins

A nod to the creator Carrot muffins are a throw back from the days when I used to travel off to sunny destinations teaching on fitness retreats. We had an incredible chief called Michael who would whip up the most delicious meals that were gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. After a long day … Read more

functional medicine

Functional medicine – looking for health

“What is functional medicine and how do you figure out what in my history is important?” This was a great question posed by my last patient on Friday as we started to delve back through his 50 year plus case history. Functional medicine – what it is not   In order to answer ‘what is … Read more

Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs: On a wet October morning many moons ago, I found myself sitting in a run-down classroom in the basement of the London School of Osteopathy in Whitechapel. I was waiting with anticipation for my first ever osteopathy lecture. I was primed and ready (although be it slightly nervously) for an in-depth anatomy and … Read more


I love a good metaphor and I am going to borrow this one from Diane Lee to introduce my therapy toolbox to you. Your initial consultation is your wardrobe. We will combine your injury history, symptoms, movement assessment and hands-on assessment to build the walls, doors and hanging rail. Inside the wardrobe you will find … Read more

Functional sacroiliac joint assessment

So finally we get to the functional sacroiliac joint assessment. It has taken so much searching to find a model that resonates with me. Is it accurate? Is anything 100% but I think it is close. Can the sacroiliac joints cause pain? Definitely, hence it is important to have a model that allows us to … Read more

Sacroiliac joint -the Pandora’s box of therapy

In preparation for my next blog on the functional assessment of the sacroiliac joint (SIJ), I though it might be useful to explain the basics (as I see them) about these fascinating little joints. As I suffered (and occasionally still do suffer) with SIJ pain, I have discovered it is an area of the human body … Read more

Functional hip assessment

Welcome back to vlog number 3 on the functional hip assessment. Some great stuff on here which I have learnt from the greats – Gary Ward, Diane Lee, Andreo Spina and Gary Gray. All of them have been truly inspirational in the way I treat so I hope you enjoy this mega mix.

Functional foot and ankle assessment

Recently I have been asked by a number of friends and therapists to film a rough outline of the way I functionally assess different parts of the body. The tricky part of doing this is that by the very nature of it being a functional assessment we must explore how all these different parts relate to each other … Read more

A nod of the head to the atlanto occipital joint

This is the first of a whole series of articles that will start with a ‘nod of a head to the atlanto occipital joint’ before systematically tracing the joints all the way down to the big toe. Although anatomy can be a little bit technical at times stick with it and play with some of the movements … Read more

Pricing Hastings

ServiceTime Approx.Price
Initial Consultation, Treatment & Bespoke Movement Plan (recommended)2 Hours£90
1 Hour Initial Consultation 1 Hour£50
Follow-up Appointment1 Hour£50
2 Hour Follow-up Treatment2 Hours£90
Hypnotherapy 1 Hour£50
Personal Training1 Hour£50

Pricing London

ServiceTime Approx.Price
Initial Consultation, Treatment & Bespoke Movement Plan (recommended)2 Hours£135
1 Hour Initial Consultation 1 Hour£90
Follow-up Appointment1 Hour£90
2 Hour Follow-up Treatment2 Hours£135
Hypnotherapy 1 Hour£90
Personal Training (gym members only)1 Hour£70