In order to achieve unconventional results, I believe it is necessary to break the mould and adopt unconventional strategies and this begins with your consultation. I offer two consultation options, as detailed below.

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Over the space of 120 minutes, we will explore why your body has chosen to function as it has. Your aching muscle or joint is more often than not the overworked, underpaid and under thanked part of your body. Instead of blaming it we will uncover the reason why it is having to work so hard.

Once we have put the ‘why’ theory in place the rest of the session is based around changing the way you move. We will work on your muscles, joints and nervous system then explore how you move in standing.

At the end of the session we will return to your initial assessment and check in with how things have changed.

Finally I will set you up with some movement homework where appropriate. Two hours may seem a long time however it is by far the most efficient way to start and is guaranteed to fly by!

While two hours is my preferred option as it really allows us to dive deeply into what is going on, I know for many taking two hours out of your day is a big ask so I have also created a one hour condensed session.

The emphasis of this session is still to figure out your ‘why’ however rest assured we do manage to get some treatment in as well.

In follow up treatments we carry on where we left off and explore movement as well as set up any homework which will allow the process to continue away from clinic.

Follow up sessions are usually an hour (although those who are travelling or who have more complex presentations sometimes prefer to book two hours). Conventionally therapists re-book in half hour slots, however you will soon realise that as we start to work on your root causes that even an hour can feel like minutes.

What do I do?

I take the time to investigate your pain, the reason why it is there and remove the barriers that are preventing your body from healing itself.

What do you do?

The rest….

Let’s listen to your body, unlock it’s forgotten potential and re-take control of your health

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Pricing Hastings

ServiceTime Approx.Price
Initial Consultation, Treatment & Bespoke Movement Plan (recommended)2 Hours£90
1 Hour Initial Consultation 1 Hour£50
Follow-up Appointment1 Hour£50
2 Hour Follow-up Treatment2 Hours£90
Hypnotherapy 1 Hour£50
Personal Training1 Hour£50

Pricing London

ServiceTime Approx.Price
Initial Consultation, Treatment & Bespoke Movement Plan (recommended)2 Hours£135
1 Hour Initial Consultation 1 Hour£90
Follow-up Appointment1 Hour£90
2 Hour Follow-up Treatment2 Hours£135
Hypnotherapy 1 Hour£90
Personal Training (gym members only)1 Hour£70