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What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind that we all experience multiple times a day. Its a state of focused awareness, where you can reach into your creative imagination, push aside the judging, analysing part of your conscious mind and give yourself the space to think, feel and respond differently. Hypnotherapy empowers you to climb back behind the wheel of your vehicle and realise that by simply clearing off the dusty windscreen you can see the world from a wonderfully different perspective. Hypnotherapy quite simply makes it easy to change.

How can hypnotherapy help?

First of all let me explain that I believe that every one is going through their life in different states of trance, be it the ‘I need a cigarette to destress’ trance or the ‘I’m no good at socialising in large groups’ trance. Paradoxically my role as a hypnotist is to de-hypnotise you and to help you break these patterns and allow you to create your own ‘feel better‘ trance.

Hypnotherapy is not about fixing anything  but rather waking up our own natural talents and creating new perspectives and possibilities. It is about challenging our learned limiting beliefs, ingrained habits and responses and re-learning to experience living to our full potential again.

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy can work for a wide array of physical and psychological issues. Here are just a few of its more common uses:


Anxiety and panic attacks


Public speaking

Sports performance

Weight control




Pregnancy and birth


Will hypnotherapy work for me?

Hypnotherapy works, however you might be curious which kind of people it works really well for?

Despite appearances in stage shows, hypnosis is a collaborative effort between the hypnotist and you. The more engaged and empowered you are the better the outcome. The people who it works best for are the people who are prepared to take an active role in the process. For people who are prepared to be honest with themselves about the things they need to work on and who are committed to change it works really well.

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Getting the most from your experience:

Here are 9 top tips for getting the most out of your hypnosis session. For a video which explains this in more detail you might enjoy this blog post on the hypnotherapy pre-talk. A little secret this is where most of the work is done!

  1. Hypnotherapy is an active collaborative effort. It is done ‘with’ you rather than ‘to’ you. By focusing your attention and being immersed fully and completely in the moment you will foster the best results.
  2. Simply follow my instructions in a gentle but confident and assured way. There is no need to try to hard.
  3. When asked to engage your imagination imagine things as if they are real – then imagine you are not imagining anymore.
  4. Convince yourself that even if it is for just a moment that this is your reality. For instance if I was to suggest that your legs were relaxing now or that they were becoming heavier allow yourself to believe it, allow it to become your reality.
  5. Have a positive hypnotic mind set and believe that you are capable. Whether you believe you can or can not experience hypnosis you are right. All hypnosis is after all a form of  self hypnosis so mind set is key.
  6. Use your imagination not your will power. Will power is a conscious effort where as imagination is the language of the subconscious. If you have ever woken up and consciously tried to will yourself back to sleep it is  a lot harder than just imagining you are drifting off easily and effortlessly.
  7. Enjoy the process and don’t over analyse it. Be in the moment and just observe it with a sense of curiosity as it unfolds.
  8. You will be given tools to continue the process after your session. This will empower you to use the latest discoveries in neuroscience to literally ‘change your mind’ – really powerful stuff!
  9. Most importantly have fun. It really is a wonderful experience.

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“We all experience the world through our own tinted spectacles, be it via our physical movements or  cognitions and beliefs. While we are wearing these spectacles we can get stuck in patterns and sometimes we just need someone on the outside to say “hey have you thought about it like this?”

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