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So finally we get to the functional sacroiliac joint assessment. It has taken so much searching to find a model that resonates with me. Is it accurate? Is anything 100% but I think it is close. Can the sacroiliac joints cause pain? Definitely, hence it is important to have a model that allows us to begin work and to facilitate change. It reminds me of when I started to learn about hypnosis and I was listening to a chap who was asked is there really such a thing as the unconscious mind. His reply was brilliant he said that there was no unconscious mind ‘thing’ as indeed there is no such thing as a bicep or an arm, they are just models which we allow us to organise our thinking and allow us to structure our various approaches. A bicep is a man made name for one of the ‘things’ that hang off our arm (which is also a man made name). Imagine how hard it would be to write this preamble without these models -‘the thingy that attaches onto the thingy that allows us to move in direction that is opposite to that other one’ – wow, communication would be tough. As soon as this hit home it allowed me to take a big breath in, let it go and get back to falling in love with the sacroiliac joint again.  The proof is in the pudding and it is has really helped me in clinic. I hope it helps you.