The Life Centre interviews Daniel Baines

Daniel Baines Osteopathy Dan has a Masters degree in Osteopathy and is an Anatomy in motion and Neurokinetic therapy practitioner and Yoga anatomy teacher. In his spare time he can be found exploring everything dance and movement based. He runs his ‘Daniel Baines Osteopathy’ clinics from Hastings, Eastbourne and the One Aldwych hotel health club … Read more

TMJ dysfunction


My first introduction to TMJ dysfunction was many years ago while I was still a dancer. I was seeing a girl at the time, who was renowned for her love of chatting, however one day I popped round only to be greeted by a rather sheepish looking face and an uncharacteristic silence. “My jaw is … Read more


Pronation-public enemy number 1?

Anti pronation, zero drop, bare foot….the choice of foot wear available is unlimited, and the flavour of the month changes like a David Beckham haircut. We are told that over pronation is bad and should be avoided by barricading the foot behind layers of foam cushioning, and that if left unsupported, will cause knee pain, … Read more


Scars-the tip of the iceberg

Me: “Have you got any scars or have you had any operations or surgery”Patient: “No, the surgeon’s knife has never touched my unblemished skin”Me: “Positive?”Patient: “110%”If I had a £10 wager on every patient who swore blind that they had no scars I would be retired to my villa overlooking the Caribbean sea by now. … Read more

Pricing Hastings

ServiceTime Approx.Price
Initial Consultation, Treatment & Bespoke Movement Plan (recommended)2 Hours£90
1 Hour Initial Consultation 1 Hour£50
Follow-up Appointment1 Hour£50
2 Hour Follow-up Treatment2 Hours£90
Hypnotherapy 1 Hour£50
Personal Training1 Hour£50

Pricing London

ServiceTime Approx.Price
Initial Consultation, Treatment & Bespoke Movement Plan (recommended)2 Hours£135
1 Hour Initial Consultation 1 Hour£90
Follow-up Appointment1 Hour£90
2 Hour Follow-up Treatment2 Hours£135
Hypnotherapy 1 Hour£90
Personal Training (gym members only)1 Hour£70