Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs: On a wet October morning many moons ago, I found myself sitting in a run-down classroom in the basement of the London School of Osteopathy in Whitechapel. I was waiting with anticipation for my first ever osteopathy lecture. I was primed and ready (although be it slightly nervously) for an in-depth anatomy and … Read more


I love a good metaphor and I am going to borrow this one from Diane Lee to introduce my therapy toolbox to you. Your initial consultation is your wardrobe. We will combine your injury history, symptoms, movement assessment and hands-on assessment to build the walls, doors and hanging rail. Inside the wardrobe you will find … Read more

Sacroiliac joint -the Pandora’s box of therapy

In preparation for my next blog on the functional assessment of the sacroiliac joint (SIJ), I though it might be useful to explain the basics (as I see them) about these fascinating little joints. As I suffered (and occasionally still do suffer) with SIJ pain, I have discovered it is an area of the human body … Read more

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ServiceTime Approx.Price
Initial Consultation, Treatment & Bespoke Movement Plan (recommended)2 Hours£90
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Initial Consultation, Treatment & Bespoke Movement Plan (recommended)2 Hours£135
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2 Hour Follow-up Treatment2 Hours£135
Hypnotherapy 1 Hour£90
Personal Training (gym members only)1 Hour£70