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My mentor and friend

By October 1, 2015No Comments

Every now and again they break the mould when it comes to creating humanity. Sue Freeman not only broke it, she shattered it into tiny little pieces.

I met her when I was a smooth fresh faced 18 year old. The world was full of potential and  unexplored adventures. I had just moved up to Sheffield and was exploring the exotic nooks and crannies of Broomhill when I stumbled upon a small dance studio tucked away where nobody would ever find it. A momentary decision to turn left instead of right changed my life for ever. Greeted by Sue, her Mum and an English bull terrier (I don’t know who was the most terrifying) I began my journey into dance and adult hood and the chance of holding down a regular 9-5 job involving a suit and tie were shattered for ever.

Sue was one of the few people I have met who was not only passionate about her work but also altruistic in her reasons for sharing it. She just loved to dance.

Although I soon discovered I had 3 left feet, I always left her studio feeling like the Bolshoi would be knocking on my door the next day (she had this effect on everyone she taught).

Over my years of study she advised, supported and where necessary told me where to pull my head in and behave. Every one needs a role model and somebody to look u to and I could not have asked for a better one. Her house became my second home and her back yard was the film set for many great memories of lindyhop and choreography.

Thank you Sue for being the best.

Rest in peace and say hi to your Mum from me.

A little part of you remains in the feet of everyone lucky enough to have met you.