functional medicine

Functional medicine – looking for health

“What is functional medicine and how do you figure out what in my history is important?” This was a great question posed by my last patient on Friday as we started to delve back through his 50 year plus case history. Functional medicine – what it is not   In order to answer ‘what is … Read more

Walking Away From Back Pain

An interesting case in clinic yesterday. A lady was suffering with back pain on extension in her yoga practice, she also had a history of a now resolved frozen shoulder on her right. It was a bit of a head scratcher at first, so we went back. Why the frozen shoulder? “I don’t suppose the … Read more

Chronic Pain – A Heavy Burden To Carry

Have you ever tried lifting a heavy suitcase and having to walk…. and walk…. and walk. When it finally feels like your forearms are pumped up like balloons and your arms are 5 inches longer than when you started, you rest it down, destination reached. Imagine the above scenario minus the destination and the ability … Read more

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